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Welcome to Paradox Strategic Management

Paradox Strategic Management works with new venture-start-ups, developing businesses and mature organisations to recognise and develop a clear path for business success.

We provide expertise and resources with a solutions-based approach that covers a broad range of business disciplines including governance, strategy, marketing, people, finance, operations and logistics.

For general managers and senior executives, we will show you how to think, formulate and change strategically using the process of business synthesis and to suggest the best route to take for your business-, corporate- and global strategy.

For the small-medium-enterprise manager we will show you how to integrate business functionality with values, guiding principles, a short-medium term mission and a long term vision so that you become greater aligned to the very reason your business exists.

We find most senior managers and business owner-operators optimise their learning through seeing, feeling and being in touch with their objectives. For this reason, our point of difference is in how we transfer our knowledge and skills using visual media and graphical examples along with participating and facilitating leadership. We provide a hands-on, visual and sense-making experience.

We will introduce you to business modelling and scenario planning techniques combined with a multitude of practical strategic management tools that you can quickly learn to utilise yourself.

We want you in control of your business and for us to be your sounding board! We'll introduce you to a suitable structure and review policy to keep your business ongoing and in check.

Our mission-
To develop intimately strong and discrete relationships with firms who are determined to grow. To deliver game-breaking and practical commercial insights through customised solutions that captures existing value and then grows this value beyond our clients' expectations.

Our vision-
To be iconic in New Zealand's business landscape for accelerating the strategic business learning curve using customised visual and tactile learning methods in discrete and intimate environments.

Our promise-
We won't waste your time! If we believe we can't do anything for you...we'll gracefully quit! It's that simple. We call this 'transcendent leadership'...it's a sign of positive succession.

Our core values, ethos and beliefs;

  • Personal responsibility
  • Self fulfilment
  • Honesty and truth
  • Empowerment
  • Growth
  • Humility
  • Empathy
  • Appreciation
  • Collaboration

'Our ethos is to positively live out these values in order to genuinely and meaningfully help others'...

'We strive for collectivism through personal success'

Strategic management:
The thinking, formation and change processes used for planning and implementing organisational plans and actions to achieve goals with measured outcomes

Strategic awareness:
Management consciousness unlocked from an immature state of ignorance and error.

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